"How do you know if you are from Ann Arbor? You pronounce 'Huron' street without the 'H'."  




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The ads on Ann Arbor Town.com (like those on the right), are locally owned businesses (or groups) which have had AA residents tell us are good places to go.

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Check out the 'School's' page, we have added some elementary school Alumni Pages as well as an Ann Arbor High Alumni Page (with a Class of 1966 Page w/forum!). If you went to an Ann Arbor school & would like to add some photos, stories or would like to help build a class forum page, send JImC@annarbortown.com

You may have noticed some 'outside Ann Arbor' merchants & websites (eg the Dexter Community Orchestra). Ann Arbor locals have told us that these are their favorites! Check them out.

Ann Arbor town. If you ask an Ann Arbor native if they are a 'Townie', you'll probably get a quizzical look. The 'Townie' moniker started with transplants to Ann Arbor who wanted or needed to know when they became locals. To the natives, it's been kinda like, "I've never thought about it." Prior to the 1960's, there was a divide between the 'town' and 'gown' sides of the city (which I would imagine was common in midwestern college towns) in fact Division street was the divide. Not a de facto divide between town and gown, because we did let the pinheads (UofM students) come to the west side of Division street to drink, because liquor was the divide, and division street was wet to the west, dry to the east.

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